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“Before commencing the build of our new home we spoke to several people who mentioned how much they were loving their Lawrence Built homes and renovations. Each person we spoke to raved about how Scott was the kind of builder who really listened to what you wanted your home to be. We also had the opportunity to stay in an amazing Lawrence Built holiday home at Point Plommer. The design was beautiful and the quality of work was outstanding. We felt very confident that Lawrence Built could give us more than just a cookie cutter house. We wanted a real home that was unique to our family’s needs and coastal lifestyle. We felt certain that a Lawrence Built home would be the right way to achieve our dream.

For us it was important to engage a builder with an established reputation with local knowledge and contacts.

We also wanted someone who would really listen to our ideas but also give us the guidance we needed with design concepts and selections. Most importantly, we wanted someone we could trust to complete our build on time, on budget and to a quality standard.Based on their solid reputation and the rave reviews of their clients, we know Lawrence Built would the only choice!

We wanted a home that suited the land we had purchased. Scott met us on site and discussed in detail the orientation of the home, how much sun would be on the deck at certain times of the day, where windows should be to get the most of the view, and so on. So many kit homes just don’t work for the block on which they’re built. Our Lawrence Built home is a perfect fit for our land.

Scott is a builder who really listens to what you want from your home. The ability to talk to the builder as often as you need for advice on a selection or to make some changes as we went along was another major benefit.

Lawrence Built finished our home on time and on budget which was a major relief with such a big investment. We would whole heartedly recommend Lawrence Built to anyone looking a quality built, stylish and unique home!”

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